Multi-tier Distribution

Streamline distribution management

Managing deals involving multiple partners can be complex and time-consuming. Our multi-tier distribution capability simplifies this process, providing a centralized solution for your multi-partner needs
Multi-tier Distribution

Effortless partner management

Support multiple partners throughout the entire channel sales cycle, from onboarding and training to deal registration, incentive calculations, and payouts. Our platform eliminates manual tracking and calculations, saving you valuable time and reducing errors.

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Insightful incentive metrics

Gain a deeper understanding of your incentive program with key metrics at your fingertips.

Average incentive

Quickly assess the average incentive across your partner network, helping you gauge the overall health of your program.

Number of incentives

Keep track of the total number of incentives awarded or pending, providing insights into the volume of partner engagement.

Total incentive amount

Monitor the distributed incentive amount, ensuring it aligns with your budget and goals.

Our dashboard simplifies tracking and managing partner incentives, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your incentive structure for maximum impact.
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Comprehensive partner support

With group segmentation and Partner Journey Automation, customize your processes for Distributors, Technology Service Brokers, and any other second partner model. Our portal offers everything you need, from onboarding and training to sales and marketing content, deal registration, incentives, and payments.

Streamlined partner interactions

Manage all partner interactions and streamline the channel sales cycle within a single platform. Reduce reliance on spreadsheets and manual calculations by supporting all types of deals, not just single-tier channel sales.

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Facilitate distributor-partner connections

Centralize partners and distributors in one place, empowering partners to collaborate on deals with multi-tier distribution. Partners can easily register deals and provide additional visibility to their preferred distributor, enhancing collaboration and alignment.

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Leveraging Allbound for a 20% Increase in Active Partners

"Allbound has had a positive impact on me and my partner teams by providing us with a centralized platform to manage our partner relationships. This has allowed us to more effectively communicate with our partners, track their progress, and provide them with the support they need."

Platform Overview

Manage sales partners effectively with a suite of features that improves every step of your relationship, from exploration to retention.

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Deal Registration

Ensure partners can quickly register deals, receive confirmations, and easily track progress.
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Partner Journey Automation

Achieve partner engagement at scale by delivering timely, trigger-based notifications.
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Lead Distribution

Ensure the right leads get to the right partners at the right time with our lead distribution engine.
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