Partner journey automation

Increase partner engagement with automation

Achieve partner engagement at scale by delivering timely, trigger-based notifications through partner journey automation, ensuring the best channel outcomes
Partner Journey Automation

Building an engagement plan

Work with partners to build mutually-beneficial journey plans, from onboarding to deal close. Ensure adherence to this plan through automatic notifications and prompts from the platform.

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Automate partner engagement

Maintain partner engagement efficiently, even at scale. By creating trigger-based notifications for actions (or inactions), you can send the right message at the right time, motivating partners to complete desired actions for heightened channel success. This translates to increased revenue for both partners and your organization.

Rule-based, customized notifications

Craft rule-based notifications that trigger personalized emails when partners take specific actions, such as registering their first deal or finishing a learning track. Also send automated notifications to partners who haven't taken certain actions.

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Personalized user registration confirmation

Create a unique welcome email for each partner, customizing the message based on factors like industry and partner type.

Re-engage inactive partners

Set parameters to notify partners and their Partner Manager when they become inactive, with the ability to send multiple notifications over different time frames. You can also prompt PMs to consider marking a partner inactive after a specified period.

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Automate deal registration notifications

Streamline the process of notifying both partners and deal managers with automated deal registration emails. This provides a comprehensive view of all live deals, complete with registration details and a link to view the deal.

Components of a partner plan

Collaboratively define strategic goals with your partners to ensure you’re aligned from the outset of your relationship.
Create a list of marketing activities based on agreed expectations. Organize tasks in lists with date ranges, costs, and expected ROI. Also, easily incorporate MDF activities.
Gain insights into partner training and onboarding progress, assigning tasks to specific users within partner companies. The platform tracks completed learning tracks and updates the partner plan accordingly.
Create a clear guide for pipeline goals. Our partner plan measures progress toward these goals and visualizes goal completion. These goals, whether monetary or based on closed deals, are markers of achievement throughout the year.

200% Growth in Channel Revenue

Infosec's deal registration has grown almost 100%, our channel business has grown 200% YoY, and our communication to partners has grown 100%+ YoY with the help of our Allbound portal.

Platform Overview

Manage sales partners effectively with a suite of features that improves every step of your relationship, from exploration to retention.

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